My girlfriend though I made fun of her while already being emotional after something she watch, how can I comfort her now?

I ask this because we have been dating for a month and this never happend before. She watching one of those anial abuse video's for a class or something (idk what for exactly) and i heard her kinda crying so before i walked in i said "typical girl crying for no reason", then she got mad and said i should watch me my mouth. I mean i didn't know what was going on. How can i comfort her now? She has been also having a long day sice yesturday and I don't know if she is on her period or not (just putting that out there).

I mean i feel bad and do kinda get emotional when i see those video's but in this case is was a misunderstaning.


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  • Apologize to her, hug her and stop acting so rude towards her.

    • it was a mistake how i made fun of her, id din't know she was watching that but i will say sorry

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