Possibly Interested in more than being friends?

I've been acquainted with this guy for a couple of months but have recently "hung out" with him (we went stargazing, just the two of us. But it was at a public observatory). I'm not sure if he considered it a date since it's the first time we've met in person. I did ask him if he'd considering dating me, and he did say yes. He does pay more attention to me since we've hung out, although he is a nice personable guy all around. He's nice to everyone. Recently he made sure to bring up that he'd like me to bake something for him. When I said that I would he replied with: "whhhattt" "You're too nice, haha." I can't tell if he's actually interested in me, or just being friendly. I'm horrible with feeling guys out, so a little help? Thanks!


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  • If he said yes to considering to date, then why are you second guessing yourself. He must like you!