Does he like me or have a crush? I'm so confused :/ ?

Ok, so I have a friend that I really didn't talk to in class last year. But, over the summer he started hitting me up at like 5 in the morning drunk texting me. He would say how he wanna smash , but I don't know if he playing or not. And he did this all summer and when school started. He just tried to avoid me, I don't know why, and he would hmu but only for homework. Around the past week, he started talking to me again about school stuff but seems nervous when he talks to me and likes to play fight with me saying how he wants to fight me and stuff. He never talked about the drunk texts or anything with f**ckng me, but I don't know. I need help b/c I don't know what to do :/


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  • Please don't go for a person who claims he "wants to smash". It doesn't sound like a good and reasonable choice to me.