GUYS!! Does he want me back?

So my ex, after 2mths, text me telling me that he wished
we worked out as a couple that he loved me and was
im love with me, that he needed to talk to me them
he proceed to call me and we talked for 1.5hrs into the morning, but I haven't heard from him since then, should I just wait for him to explain himself?


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  • If you go back the reasons for the breakup are still there and will cause another breakup

    • It wasn't terrible I am pregnant with his kid and we were long distance and I just wanted him around and he wasn't

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    • Like he goes to every doctor appt and is paying for half of everything for the bany

    • You mean baby lol. At least he taking responsibility even if you aren't a couple. He'll be a part of your life until junior is grown

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  • You are too old to be falling for this BS still. If he wanted to be with you he would prioritize you in every way and you wouldn't have to wait for anything. Ditch him for good.


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