How do I hint that I want to kiss him?

Me and this guy went on a date last Friday. Things went better than expected but I stupidly didn’t think that he wanted to walk me to the door so I just hugged him and said something like ‘we should hang out again’ and that was that. We clicked so well I though, we talk online, but since then he’s been acting kind of off, he is kind of a shy guy though. He seems distant for a day or most of the day then comes back again, not sure what to think. We both go on a site and he messaged a friend since she was saying how she’s getting married real soon, and he says that he’s still trying to find someone that can deal with him more than 5 min. He doesn’t seem to have much confidence in himself but I was with him for a few hours and I loved being around him.

He’s extremely attractive I though and I found his attractiveness very distracting when he was talking to me, but we have A LOT in common that it’s to the point I guess kind of creepy, but still differences. I have hinted to him that I want to do something again, like saying how that I want to still see the movie that we where gonna see but it was sold out at the time, that I still want him to show me the game he wants me to get hooked on, but I try not to push it on him too much, just hint it because I don’t want to push him away. He liked the ideas I gave/hinted to him, but never made a solid plan yet, but also since then I like tell myself how stupid I was to not letting him walk me to the door and possibly kiss, but it was just out 1st date also.

How do I hint to him that I want to kiss him when we do go on our 2nd date? I’ve only been with one guy for 5 years so this is all still kind of new to me. And if anyone wondered, I’m 23 and he’s 25.


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  • if your talking and your eyes happen to meet, hold his gaze, smile and lick your lips, if you really want to kiss him just sort of lean towards him as well.

    I know your putting yourself out there a bit but her will be wanting to kiss you as much I am guessing so don't be afraid.


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  • I agree with 'touchwithouthands', but if you want to really want to put yourself out there and give him big hints: Touch his lips sometime in the next date if you two ever get that close. Kiss him on the cheek if/when you hug him, he might want more and just do it.

    Don't beat yourself up too much. The past is the past, but you command your future. Good luck! =)


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  • Keep glancing at his lips, he should get the idea