Does it means he's not into me anymore?

I realized that for the past few days he acted a bit different that he normally do. He started to text me back longer than usual (like an hour), sometimes he doesn't send me any good morning text, and also he seemed like avoiding my question. He told me that he had cold a week ago but three days ago he said he had been better, only stuffy nose.

Today we were supposed to meet. Two days ago I asked him whether we are still going to meet or not (because I knew he kinda sick and not feeling well) but he never responded back until I told him (last night) "if you dont want to meet me anymore, just tell me. I'll stop bothering you." because he has been acting weird. But he said I was being silly and thats it. He promised to text me today and yet he hasn't texted me till now.

I feel like we have a good chemistry but he leaves me no clue.

Your toughts?


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  • It seems to be the case

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