Fiirst Kiiss!

Do you remember your first kiss? I DO... I was 13 14 I had the biggest crush on that boy his name was Phillip, it was by the pool. lol


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  • Good question.

  • We were standing in line to use the bathroom at the zoo in like a childcare area. It was spontaneous. I am not sure who kissed who, we both did. I was gonna wait for a different time and place and I think I was gonna kiss her on the top of her head. She's very short. And she sort of leaned into it and it happened. It had been waiting to happen for half a decade. It didn't work out apparently. But I will always remember the way she held my hand so tightly and yet gently at the same time that day. I remember seeing a probably married couple holding hands in front of us and we were holding hands and In a way I felt sorta proud sort of a part not a loner idk. It was fun it was suprising and sort of hard to believe it happened and you don't really know how it happened

    • Hahaa cute.. how old ware u?

    • 16 it wasn't actually my first kiss but the first with a girlfriend.

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