Why does sleazy and fast win the race?

I was with this guy for 10 months; talking everyday and seeing each other in person at school. Everything seemed fine, but two weeks ago he stopped talking to me and haven't heard from him since. I find out he got a girlfriend. Which threw me off because, even though everyone at school knew we were together, he held off the label because he said he wasn't ready. Well he gets a girlfriend and the same exact day they start dating they are already saying they love each other. This through me off as well because he said he was scared of love.

Why does he like her? She has been expelled from her last school, she has been to court TWICE and has been arrested before. She drinks, and smokes weed and ciragettes. She post pictures of herself in her bra on her instrgram and facebook. And on top of that, even tho we are in high school, she admits to not being a virgin. She is not a good person! Why would he want her? They've broken up 3 times since they first started dating and she always calls him stuff like "stupid n*gga" but he likes it?
I never talked to him like that, I always tried to make sure he was happy and I was always the one bending my back to make him happy. We were together for 10 months, so why would he choose her over me? I don't understand why he was the one who wanted to be with me initially but he just up and leaves without a goodbye, an apology or an explanation.

My friends said it's because he's Puerto Rican and they said PR guys are players, but that's not a logical explanation in my opinion. Do guys just like girls that put out more?


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  • if you are bending over backwards to make him happy but he won't do the same for you, dont associate with him. instead wait for someone you can have real chemistry with and you will find him.