She's stopped replying?

So me and this girl are good friends. She normally replies in an instant and we're on good terms. Lately she's been acting different. We've gotten more touchy and chatting, she was mentioning how she was single while all her friends had started marrying up.
She was heading home for the weekend and so hadn't messaged her much letting her have some rest and relaxation. We're going to catch-up once she's back next week. Shot her a message this morning and still no reply hours later. I don't understand?
The message is flagged as seen though so it's not like she's missed it and even early morning messages, I'd normally get a reply from her all smiley; no make-up at all.

  • She'll get back to you, you're overthinking again
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  • She's mirroring you cos you stopped messaging previously
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  • She just went back to sleep
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  • I think she was hinting to you that she may of wanted a relationship with you "her friends are all getting married or are already married" and she is single.

    She will get back to you. What exactly did you say on the message though? Maybe she was unsure why you didn't message her during the time she got back.

    "Hey just dropping a message to check up on you, I thought it may of been a good idea to let you relax and get some rest, when you got home. Message me when you can"

  • Are you interested in her in a romantic way?


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