What to do about this situation?

I have situation with this guy, basically we been talking for a couple of months. We met on a dating app, each time we plan to hang out or something I noticed that he always wants to come late. Like he will text me at ten o'clock at night and asked what I'm doing. Honestly I don't have much of a problem with him coming over at night. The thing is though that I don't live alone. I still stat with my mom for now and I know she wouldn't like the ideal of a guy coming late at night. And I once tried to go over his place but my mom of course wouldn't allowed it cause it was late at night. So I'm stuck in this situation of what to do. I can't have him come here because of my mom and if I try to go over his place my mom would be asking questions. I'm 23 and I don't feel the need to tell her everything that I do. Also the guy doesn't know I stay with my mom and I haven't told him yet. Each time he calls me and ask to come over I have to turn him down. So what can I do about this situation?


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  • You might be a booth call since it's so late

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