Guys, Is he leading me on?

So I've been talking to this guy for a month now and I really like him. He asked me to the movies and I said yes. He planned it and asked me like a million times to make sure I was 100% able to go. And then the night before, he canceled on me. Bc he's homeschooled and didn't get all of his school done in time and would have to do it on Saturday. He's already started rescheduling our next get together. While I shouldn't have any doubts about his affections, there's this girl he says he's "friends" with. He's told me that they thought about dating but decided against it. He brings her up in random convos like he'll say "today was awesome bc I got to see her" and today he surprised her with a hammock and a bonfire. And he's snapchatting me while he's with her. That's really kinda jerky of him huh? I don't understand him. He'll tell me I'm pretty, say he wants me to always be happy, say I'm cute, but none of it seems to matter in the long run. Am I overreacting?


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  • Sounds like him and the other girl are just friends