Father figures when dating as a single mum?

My boyfriend met my 1 month son yesterday. My sons father isn't in the picture very often and has only met his son once since birth so I was really happy to see my son and my boyfriend together but my boyfriend is the kind of person to get attached easily and I do want him in my sons life but I'm just afraid he will get attached to my son as a father figure and then if we break up it will cause a lot of distress and problems. What do I do?


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  • You should not let your boyfriend become a father figure till you are sure he will be around for a long time. And then if things go bad, they go bad and you deal with it. but at first, you should just keep your dating life separate from your life as a mother, which means keeping the two apart.

    • Yeah that's what I've been thinking, hence why I did wait for my little one to meet him

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  • He's your child's son, it wouldn't be right to keep him from him. And if you do end up splitting up then you'll just have to figure out custody splits and things like that so the both of you can see him. Same as any other splitting parents.

    • My child's son doesn't want to see him?, I'm talking about my boyfriend and my sons relationship

    • Ah, your question confused me and I assumed they were one and the same.

      Then let me rephrase. If you want your boyfriend in your life for a while you can't just keep your son from him. If things go sour down the road he can't do much about your son.

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  • That's why guys shouldn't date single moms. Anyway, if he becomes attached, he becomes attached. Just because it won't work it between you two doesn't mean your son shouldn't have a mentor in his life.


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