Girls, Girls why did she get upset when I asked if your playing me?

I wanted to know if she was playing me , as I haven't dated a model before. She cryed I've known her a year. She said she was hurt I belive she truly loves me

She said you don't wAnt me I thought this was to good to be true


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  • Maybe she was just hurt by the fact that you questioned her and the fact that you would even think that upsets her. Maybe she has been through that before and tired of it. These r just my guesses of what she could be feeling/thinking.

    • She sent me nude pics of other woman. She models. I search the images she lied to me so OFCOURSE i questioned her why she sent google image pics on Facebook. She's calmed down she was going to come Friday. Not sure now as I upset her. I told her inloved her then she replyed this isn't true. Her mother has had a few divorces

    • Maybe she thinks you are out of her league or something because it seems like she really likes you and wants your attention/love but doesn't believe that u love her because u think she's playing u?

    • I talk to her mum and she has some Heath issues she never told me , her mum knew she loved me. She has a eaton disorder. Her mum says she had kidney transplant. She lives distance and I think coming to see me will be the best for her. I might Beable to get her to eat. She looks like a model , most woman would wanna look like my girl

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