I don't think he wants a relationship... should I date other guys?

I started getting intimate with a guy. We have a connection beyond sex (e. g. we always have sex when we meet, but we do other things, e. g. going for dinners, getting to know new places together, reading, talking about common interests). We told each other we didn't want a relationship, and I still don't really want one, but last time I was with him it clicked for me a bit more than usual. I guess it clicked too but I don't know. It's fun as it is and i don't really see a relationship with him working, but I think he's awesome.

the situation as it is is quite comfortable for me, I get sex and companionship and I'm not terribly in love or very obsessed about him. But from now on I'lll just start developing feelings I guess.

There's another guy that is interested in me. He's interesting, but so far I prefer the guy I'm seeing. Now I don't know what to do:

- getting to know the second guy while keeping my friend with benefits on the side;
- being open with friend with benefits, but I might scare him away... or we may start a relationship without neither of us really wanting it
- telling him that I develop feelings after a while and maybe it's better if i keep on meeting new people, so that I dont fall for him.


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  • You were friends with benefits with this current guy. And you both agreed that you guys weren't looking for a relationship. Now that you've developed feelings for him, you are unsure if he would want one, even though you guys don't want a committed relationship at the moment?

    So why don't you just remain being friends with benefits? What you guys have now seems to be working. Just don't develop feelings for him.

    • yeah, it works perfectly as it is. maybe i should get to know other guys to get distracted... and not thinking about him so much.

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    • But that's why i like it :P i'd rather eliminate the sex and just be friends

    • haha then tell him to cut the sex out of the equation and you guys can hang out like good mates instead

  • Tell him how you feel and if he doesn't feel the same way then stop seeing him. Don't date the other guy though, you're not even interested in him.