How did you meet your crush? where was the first time you saw her/him?

I met mine in college, the first time I saw her was in ther orientation week. she is so cute, but Im not with her at the moment, hopefully in the future...

whats your story?


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  • I met him while I was in high school and well he was in my class.


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  • I told this like yesterday but here goes:

    July 2014 she started working as a courtesy clerk like me at the grocery store I worked at. She was a cutie, and one of the first interactions we both remember having was when I was searching for the propane key, and I asked her if she had it. She later told me she thought I was mad at her because my face was red, but really it was just cause I was talking to the new cute girl.

    I felt like I was the only worker who ever really talked to her (and she would later tell me this). Continue on to Halloween that year. We were the only ones working and we were both there til somewhere around 9pm, but we had a great time talking. That's when I started to fall for her.

    Eventually, I asked her to hang out in January, and we were about to but she had forgot that she had to babysit. It took a while for our schedules to be free again, but in March we finally hung out. We hung out two times after that.

    Anyway, there were so many reasons I thought she could like me back, but then again I was persistent so maybe she was just giving in. But she always wanted to be my favorite coworker, and she acted jealous when I would talk about how great some other coworker was. We could also communicate just in facial expressions, and I could make her smile and turn red often too.

    Our summers were both very busy so I didn't really get to hang with her, and now I'm in college. But about a week ago I was in my home town, and I went to the grocery store she works at, and she was there but I didn't see her until she called me over. We talked a little. Then being the pussy I am, I texted her a few hours later saying that I was gonna call her and ask to hang "eventually", and she said she was looking forward to it.

    Anyway, that's my story... lots more details, I wish I had written a journal. I HAD a lot of the details through posting a lot about her on this other forum, but then the site was "updated" and I can't see past posts anymore. I might have some questions here about her though...

    • And I am pretty sure that 40% of my thoughts in the past year or so have been about her. It's a hard way to live.

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