Is he still interested?

There's this guy I've dated but the relationship never really worked out. Recently, I've noticed that he looks at me sometimes and when I pass by him in the hallway he'll talk to me about something unimmportant. It's not enough for me to feel like he still likes me, but sometimes I get the feeling he wants to get back with me.

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I've also noticed that he has changed routes to his next class so that our path cross in between second and third period. He used to take a different way, though I'd see him walking in the distance, but now he passes directly in front of me.


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  • I can't be certain based on the things you said. You have to understand that the signs are sort of unclear.
    So I voted maybe since he tries to find excuses to converse with you.

    • I feel like it's not enough to be certain and maybe I'm just looking into it too much haha xD