I don't know if I should friend-zone a guy or try to ask him out?

I've known him for sometime but when we joined the same committee that's planning our cca's annual concert, I kind of always sat next to him and stuff during meetings because he's comfortable to be around and it's easy for me to talk to. We got a lot closer when we went for a scholar leadership camp together, we kind of connected on a more 'intellectual' level. It was to the point that the day we finished camp and went for cca right after, I was sleeping on his shoulder because I was too tired. Later when I was practising, he was lying down on my lap using his phone. The next day we had rehearsal and I got really stressed because there was a lot of drama going on, he just sat next to me and let me lean on his shoulder again when I went out to get some peace.

I enjoy being with him. He seems to be the kind of guy that I can open up to, and that is extremely uncommon for me. He's reliable and understands me quite well, despite the fact that we haven't known each other very long. He also is really good at making me laugh, and he's smart. (Also not bad looking, actually). The only possible problem could be different races, but inter-racial relationships are pretty common in Singapore. Honestly speaking, I think I will be full on crushing on this guy in the next month, I just don't want to wait so long that he friend-zone's me.

Now that you know about the relationship I have with this guy, tell me, should I let him just be my friend? Or try to pursue something more?

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  • Try dating him. You never know what can happen

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