How can I ask her out when she doesn't like texting?

We can't have real conversations because she doesn't like being on the phone & dislikes texting. Just write out of the blue or try to get into a mini conversation? And if.. what topics...


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  • asking her in person is always better. avoid texting if you can anyway. some girls dont like that at all...

    • I don't see her in Person unless we hang out. We hung out 3 times (besided the 4 week course in another Country were we met, 2 times alone, 1 time at an Event with her friend and a friend of mine)

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    • yea, that would be a really good idea!

    • That's so true, would also be a good way to see if she cares.. i'm pretty sure she at least already sees me as a friend if not more. (We already made out to go on an Event in 4 month..)

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  • Walk up to her and ask her out in person
    Girls like that... At least I do haha

    • Can't. :) She lives like an hour away.

    • Then drive to her place lol jk you can text her and wait till she replies and ask for her number and then call her instead

    • I got her number, i could call her. It's more about staying in contact, ^because we only have seen each other every 3 to 4 weeks.

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  • You go up to her and as her if she'd like to go out with you. No cell phones, no Facebook, just you and her.

    • i already was out with her 3 times. THe thing is she doesn't live near me :) so only texting & calling possible & she told me (and it's not because she doesn't like me) that she doesn't like being on the phone