Girls, Am I more likely to have better success dating later in life?

So I'm temporarily giving up on dating. Online no one seems interested in me and everyone I meet seems to only be interested in friendship. So I'm planning on just waiting until I have my own place, a better paying job and a my own car. I feel by then I'll have more confidence and more to offer. I really want someone to share my time with and someone to love but I feel I'm wasting my time by looking now. Is this a good idea will I have better luck once I have more to offer?


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  • Dating isn't always about having things to offer, but being able to connect with people. Of course having something in ur life that u can call ur own will make women/men see u a whole lot differently, but its not essential.

    • I'm great at understanding and talking to women. They really seem to like me just as more than a friend. This has made me think all women see me this way So it has become e a challenge to signal my interest I someone. I guess now I just give off a friend vibe because I think that's what women wa t from me.

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    • its so hard for guys. you have to find a middle ground. and we make it so hard for you :(

    • Yeah, I've been on a couple dates and only felt comfortable with one girl who I dated for about month. I'm hoping to someone I just click with until then not sure what to do. Thanks for the advice 😊

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