How do I fix my relationship?

I've been talking to this guy for a long while now we're not in a relationship but we have disclosed that we don't talk to other people. Recently, he saw 3 text messages on my phone from guy one saying good morning and the other 2 were like good morning beautiful. ALL 3 ARE FRIENDS. One is a friend of my brother best friend (aka my 2nd brother) he was looking out for me at a party one night when things got dangerous and I told him I appreciate it the next day he texted me good morning sexy me and my 2nd brother have already talked about how maybe it got misconstrued and he thought I was interested. The other two are genuine nice guys who see me around campus and always say hi ask how I'm doing. They're really friendly people. Anyways he saw them and got upset and said he trusted me then I told him about our conversations and he was like whatever do what you want. Then he was like I'm just giving you a hard time I believe you. I acknowledge that it was my fault in being naive and trusting certain guys to keep it platonic but is he really over it? What can i do to show him I'm trust worthy?

Also as far as myself I'm not a very emotional girl so I know I might not always show my feelings of affection and say how I really feel inside. But even thought we are not boyfriend and girlfriend I like him and hope this can build for the future. I've always been the girl who got along with guys more the girls I only have like 7 close girl friends maybe less.


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  • I don't think there's anything you can do :(