Not hanging out/ talking to as we normally did?

so my boyfriend of one month hasn't been texting/ we haven't been hanging out as much as we used to. during break we would talk and text constantly... now were back at school he hasn't been talking much and haven't been hanging out everyday like we did before break. I know he has classes but also is in season for lacrosse season so he is on a bit of a time crunch. I'm trying to not be clingy and not bother him but if we can't hang out as much ... why can't he talk or text me. I'm starting to think he is talking with another girl cause that happened with my ex boyfriend he didn't talk as much and eventually we broke ...advice on what I should do besides just being patient and I'm thinking I'm just being paranoid for thinking he is talking to another girl.


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  • It just sounds to me like this guy has a life outside of just you and you're a bit insecure from your last relationship. It just seems like he is going on with his normal routine and you're still on his mind. (If you weren't, he wouldn't text you at all.)

    One of the most important things in any relationship is trust. As a matter of fact, I would even say that it is the second most important element in any relationship and if you are missing that component, then at some point in time.. Your relationship will fail. You trust people until they give you a reason not to. Then if you need to cut them off, you do. (You'll see or "feel" signs of shadiness if that's the case, but as far as this is concerned, I think you just need to keep going and watch how the relationship progresses.)


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