Would you continue a texting argument with someone while spending time with your significant other?

My roommate continued arguing with me over something trivial while his girlfriend that he's "madly in love" with came over to see him. Even weirder, I put my mobile away when I met up with a group of friends. Then an hour or so later i went to make a call I discovered he had sent me 6 more messages including one insulting me then accussing me of ignoring him. Who does tgat! Wouldn't you be insulted if someone spent the whole time you were having quality time together texting someone else?


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  • That is very disrespectful. She should slap him and get his attention or just leave.

    • I'm wondering if she didn't notice somehow. Or she probably plays on her mobile the whole time their together.

    • That is very possible. If that is the case then they deserve each other.

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  • I would be kind of upset but it really depends on the situation. If they were really mad, well then I guess sending the messages was pretty urgent to them. I would personally not be too upset, sometimes you have to react while a situation is fresh. But I can send 6 messages in a few minutes, so I don't think it would have taken that much time away from his girlfriend either.

    • I can understand in a few minutes but this was over the course of 2 hours. It creeped me out.

    • That is kind of weird. Sounds to me like the situation really bothered them!