Too early to ask on a date?

So kind of a weird situation for me. I matched with this girl on Tinder who goes to my school. We chatted on there for about a day and then I have her my # and we've been texting for about a day. I've never met her in person but we both go to the same school.

She seems really sweet. Should I ask her on a date? Or should I just ask her to hang out or meet up somewhere because we've never actually met. Obviously she must be interested if she's texting me... plus most people don't use tinder to find friends


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  • Probably best to keep texting her for at least a couple of days more and maybe then ask if she wants to hang out if you feel like you're getting along well.

  • Meet her in person first, preferably at a public place like a coffee shop. Spend about an hour or less talking with her and seeing if there's a connection. If you like her after you've met in person, ask her out on a date.