How long should I wait to date someone else?

So I'm about to break up with my boyfriend soon and I've been planning our break up for a while now. I've also had my eye on this other guy for about 2 or 3 years now and last year I decided to make a move and it actually worked cause we always flirted and stuff and several days ago I found out that he likes me and he doesn't like my boyfriend because he's with me. Which is kind of a huge shocker cause I never expect guys to actually like me or even wanna be around me... I just assume they all hate me. But anyways I wanna know how long I should wait before I date someone else


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  • eye on another guy for 2-3 years? then the breakup is way past due...

    • Well the I was only in that relationship got abou a month so yeah 😂 But yeah I really like this other guy

    • Line another guy right up before ending the relationship she's in? Just stays with the poor guy that likely loves her until the next guy comes along?
      She hadn't dumped the guy yet because the next isn't a sure thing quite yet. Watch. The new guy says its not working out , watch how fast she runs back to the other. Cheating biatch deserves to be dumped by all these guys

    • @Theshaft169 who ever said I was gonna date him? But anyways
      1) he don't love me
      2) I broke up with him and he didn't care
      3) less than a day goes by and he has another girlfriend
      4) now we're both happy
      5) I'm single so yeah

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  • When you think you're ready.

    • Just keep the current boyfriend because it's convieant. Then just dump him once the other is all set up.
      How do you like chics like that? The cheater.
      Breaks this poor guys heart then tears it apart once he sees she just went from him to another.
      May as well just be cheating. It's the same thing

  • Omg are you ever a selfish slut. I hope the new guy crushes you after he just used you for a while and keeps his eye out for a replacement.
    Some would call you a real whore.

    • How?

    • Your with a guy and just waiting to dump him but won't until the next guy comes around? Move from the current boyfriend right into a relationship with this Other guy.
      That's called a selfish biatch really. Crush the poor guy , and just pick right up with the next.
      Always have a guy on the go.
      Never end up single because you don't break up one relationship before having the next.
      That's sad

    • Who ever said I was gonna date him immediately following the break up? 😂 Plus when I broke up with him he didn't really care he got into another relationship like a day after we broke up sooo

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