Should I call him or still wait?

I didn't even know what to choose as a title because I have tons of questions. So I have been seeing this guy for like 6 weeks now. We went out on very few dates because basically he has 3 jobs and he is too busy plus he lives one hour away. But anyway I didn't mind seeing him just once a week cause I understand how important his career is for him. We haven't defined the relationship or said anything about being girlfriend and boyfriend yet. But I guess I like him like crazy! And he says he likes me. But few dayd ago when he was coming back from where he works to my city, he was like "i have this thing to do at the studio then i ll call you to see you". I waited.. He was 2 hours late though and I was already in bed cause I knew he wasn't going to be free that evening. He called to apologize and said we will talk the following day. Of course we didn't.. It's been 3 days now, he hasn't called or texted and he went back to where he work this evening so basically I wouldn't see him until next week I guess.. I'm so pissed off, I understand his lifestyle but he doesn't seem to give a damn about what I feel when he disappears like that. And I don't want to do the hanging out thing, I want to be his girlfriend. I haven't tried to talk to him either since Thursday just because i don't want to pressure him.. Should i call or text? What do you guys think he is doing? I mean does he seem like a random guy who wanted some fun and that's all?


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  • You should call or text because he owes you an explanation. He might have a lifestyle that isn't compatible with your needs and it won't change


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