Guys, let me into your world and help me out PLEASE?

When a guy tells a girl "I'll be single forever.", do they genuinely mean that's what they want?

Me me and this guy are friends. The most affection we've showed is a hug. He's a very genuine, nice guy. But I want him!! He does flirt but never anything over the top. I flirt back... I want to ask him to go out with me sometime because we do hang out. I just don't know how to make him understand that I want it to be like a date and not our usual "let's go grab a few beers". Even though I wouldn't mind a few beers on a date. Lol

I dont wanna freak him out though! How can I manage to ask him out but keep things the way they are if you understand? I like how we are together and he's someone I would love to be in a relationship with but I don't know if that's what he wants and I don't wanna run him off.


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  • Tell him what you said there, you wouldn't mind grabbing a few beers but as a date.
    Seems casual and probably about the least scary way of doing it. Worst he can do is say no then its his regret not yours

    • You do t think I'll freak him out by saying that? I don't wanna push him away if he's truly not into that.