I introduced myself to a guy... Do these signs mean he is NOT interested or am I reading too much into it too early?

We go to the same college and passed each other a few times before I introduced myself to him.. He was friendly and the second time he hugged me (it might just be his thing idk) but he seemed to be attracted to me, and I am attractive so I am hopeful. When he hugged me he apologized and said he was sick so he shouldn't have. He said to me "we should definitely have coffee this weekend" on Friday, and so Friday at midnight he fb'd me, we messaged here and there casual convo through Saturday but he takes minutes and sometimes hours to respond. He doesn't have the messenger app, it's only on his computer.. So that's how we've been talking. But Saturday got late, and he messaged me he was extremely extremely sick and couldn't have coffee this weekend and apologized.

I responded it was okay because literally everyone at school is sick, including me and I actually preferred to not have our first meeting with me being sick.. Yet I still feel rejected in a way because he didn't reschedule or maybe it wasn't real? I mean it really could be because he responds very friendly and talkative. After I responded, 20 minutes later he did... But I had fallen asleep and didn't respond until this morning (we were talking about movies) and then he read my message but never responded back. I didn't ask a question, I was just saying I liked the movie clip he showed and about being sick. We haven't spoken all day... I've been sick, he's been sick.. He said he was sick before we made plans so I believe he's sick.

What do you guys think? Is he interested? Nah?


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  • He was waiting to see if it would turn "ER" level sick before re-contacting. I think he is a nice person for waiting until he is no longer contagious (after all, you guys don't know if you have the same virus, right? So you and he could have caught each other's).

    • That is a very good point. Thank you :)

    • You're welcome! (I tried to type in: 'YW!' and it said the comment was too short LOL.

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  • Hard to say; you've both been sick and haven't talked a great deal. Try back in another day by keeping the conversation going with questions, answers and compliments.

  • He is sick and might be sleeping or just taking it easy and relaxing, the long time for a reply might simply be just being busy with work, and simply may be that he can't have his computer with him at all times. If he asked you to coffee he might like you or be interesting in you. This is my opinion on it.


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