Can you help me figure out what my ex wants?

So confused. ... we broke up a couple weeks ago on bad terms and haven't spoken since. Today he called me and started asking a bunch of questions about my life, like to see how I'm doing. Finally I asked why he was calling, and he said, "because I still care about you and wanted to see how you're doing. " I told him thanks and asked a few questions about him. Then he said, "you can still call me sometimes, but don't get any illusions about us getting back together. " Geez, I didn't. Was that really necessary?

So I'm really confused. It's like he called me to let me know he still cares, but doesn't want to care too much so he practically takes it back. Any ideas on what he's doing or how I should handle this?


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  • The only thing he cares about is how you feel about him and if you still want him. He'll use this knowledge as power and strength to move on and find someone new. It's like, before he walks across a tightrope, he'll make sure there's a safety net. I'd reject his calls and remove that safety net.


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  • He's keeping you on the sidelines. He sounds bitchy too so I think you got a lucky escape. Don't respond to him if he thinks he's all that and a measly phone call is meant to make you want him again. If you don't think you can be friends with him because you do have feelings then cut him out of your life and move on properly