Is it a problem when my girlfriend doesn't ever talk about this guy friend who she sees and sits with 3 days a week and sometime 4 days?

We are long distance relationship. About 2 hours away. She tells me everything except about him. She deleted his texts from her phone and we talked about it. I know it looks bad. But she didn't think about how suspicious it would look. But anyway we are past that. But the thing is she sits with him in both of her classes which is 3 times a weeks and now they are starting to meet up to study in library, so that's 4 days. He lives on campus. She doesn't. Also I have never met the dude and it's passed halfway through semester. She doesn't text me when she is meeting up him. Granted that only met up twice so far but something tells me that it'll be more often now... She doesn't text me when she is in the same classes as him but I understand maybe why because one of them is early and I am usually asleep. And other one maybe she just really likes focus to study... Other than that she texts me 24/7. So I don't know. Should I talk to her that why she doesn't, about this? Or is that me just being insecure? I love her a lot and she loves me! What are your thoughts? Thanks


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  • You are being a bit insecure but why don't you ask her about him or better yet plan a em trip to visit and meet him.


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