What was up with this dumb guy?

I set up date with a 'guy' online. Finally we were meeting up- he said he could pick me up. Usually when a guy says that, they'll come ot your place, you might talk for a little bit- like chat and get to know each other then leave. It wasn't the safest option- mostly for me but b/c he was in the same field i was in workwise, and worked at the same company I used to work at, i trusted he wasn't dangerous. He came to my driveway and asked me if I wanted to come outside--get in his car. Obviously, not yet. I said first if he can come and we can talk for a bit. He acted REALLY weird about that--as if it was a BIG deal. I live in a nice neighborhood and a nice house and im a pretty petite female. this guy was some big semi black guy acting all weird- either hispanic/black or something. he was acting SO scared? wtf...

It took him convincing just to come to my door to chat with me--he was acting so scared... im confused. I had to force him to come to my door, then he woudln't come inside. Then he said "he was trying to be respectful." I said.. well it's better if you just step inside--i mean right inside the door even... wtf was the problem? He said "well maybe we can chat on the phone more, or do this another time"... im like huh? or "go to a public place" (we were going to go to a movie). I said... you wanted to pick me up, a total stranger and take me in your car- that's not safe? But you're scared to come inside my house.. I'm a professional person who is attractive with a nice place to live... and this weirdo was acting like a paranoid freak. Why was he acting this way? i dont think he was scared of coming inside... he was scared of something else- like either intimidated who knows... but seriously.. was he just a retarded moron? I can get if it was 'shady', bad neighborhood, weird scenario, i was weird or something... im a beautiful girl, nice suburban house, nice neighborhood... i have pets... neighbors were outside... it was very ODD how he was acting creeped out and shady

i can get if he really was scared or concerned for his safety-but i dont think he was. His behavior was so weird and made no sense--scared of a nice sweet girl, in a nice neighborhood, terrified to step inside the door.. I have cats too.. like holy f*ck, but he was ok with taking me in his dumb car somewhere.. i just shut the door on him.. i thought he was acting like a moronic weirdo/pussy. I've had others come over, a few rarely, and no ones acted like that before...
I said.. wow.. if u think the safest person in the world is 'shady' you have the worst instincts in the world--my family are all doctors, im a professional with a license that he has too where it takes extensive background checks to even GET that license, he probably couldn't meet anyone safer online and was acting like a scared pussy freak.. i just don't get that- online r usually crazy insane women, drug addicts and gold diggers and he's terrified of a good looking professional


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  • I have no idea what his problem was he sounds pretty shady and I would be careful with him

    • yes, that's true--it just all seems weird- maybe there was something else going on. I wasn't going to get in his car regardless

    • Good thing!

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  • Hispanic black or something that's really racist because there is a clear difference

    • no it isn't- i couldnt tell what race he was and he may have been a mix.. that's stupid

  • Maybe he thought it was a trap, could have had a bad experience. It is better to meet at a public place for both your sake. It is tough meeting people the first time that way, I never liked it but that's how it is with online dating

    • he may have- but it made no sense- why would u want to pick someone up, if it's a 'trap'.. you'd want to meet in a public place to start off with. It just seemed strange...

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    • it wasn't even an upscale place--its just a regular middle class neighborhood? it's just weird- but he didn't know what i looked like--and im pretty and some guys do get scared or nervous- so maybe he got scared when he saw i was pretty- like lots of weirdos do- which is ok b/c i dont want to hang around a retard like that anyway... maybe he was just stupid.. most guys online are weirdos esp on craigslist..

    • Yeah it's possible because you were pretty, some guys get all weird with that and don't know how to act in your presence if they think your to good for them

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