Guys if this happened to you would you forget the girl and move on?

so you like a girl, you adore her, and you think she is sweet, innocent, and you just like her a lot. let's say you meet her at your job and she works with you for about 10 monthes ish and although having a lot of chemistry- nothing happened because you were in a relationship but you definitely were always attracted to her.
than she moves states and starts doing really well for herself. she goes to school and is living her life. you keep in touch with her and she sends you presents in the mail like postcards and gummy bears and you sent her a package but it got lost.
after awhile it just becomes a lot of work keeping in touch so you stopped texting/calling and you starting living you life and you're doing really well too.
Even though you always wanted something to happen, it never did. you fight with your girlfriend often and you miss her a lot.
would you move on? would you still think of her? or would you just simply forget about her?



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  • Well, I think I would just have to move on. If she moved too far away to see and wasn't coming back, there would be no sense in trying, but i would still want to. I'd want to keep in touch on the old friends level still. Is this the circumstance you are in?

    • Yep and I guess he just decided he was going to move on one day. Kinda still stings.

    • I'm sorry for you, I'm sure it does. That said, he may just be trying to keep himself busy. Seeing you in person may start something, I doubt the flame is out, just covered. Good luck at college either way!

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