Should I ask her to be my girlfriend?

So I have been dating this girl for about 2 months now and we have been getting really close. We are really comfortable together and have met each others parents, friends etc... We have also hooked up pretty much everytime we are together but I still can't tell if we are "official" or not because we have never had that talk yet.

One time after we hang out she texted me later and said things like "you know you can have any girl if you compliment her hair" and stuff like that. This was about a month ago but I tthink I was too dumb to figure out what she wanted. Now we hang out 1-2 times a week but it still feels like we are dating to me. Going to see her again this week so what should I do?


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  • Ask her... good luck. She is probably waiting for you to do it.


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  • If you feel like asking her so, I think it's a good time.

  • if you feel like it sure, go for it

  • She is probably already wondering what's taking you so long... No but really why are u figuring this out so late lol

    • I don't know we are having fun but she is really hard to read... always sarcastic

    • mmmm well I suggest to focus more on how to tell her rather than trying to figure out what she may feel or think... cause at the end its important also what you want right?

    • Yes I agree, I dont want it to end but I also dont want to feel so unsure anymore.. thanks

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