Why did she move away from me?

I've been out with this girl a few times. We go to see a movie the other night. Towards the end I pulled the armrest up and put my arm around her and she leans in. We're like that for about 10 minutes then she says "I am not comfortable" so I take my arm off her.

Why would she do that if she kept indicating she wanted me too?

We went and got some food after and kissed goodnight so I'm just confused.


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  • next time ask her if she's comfortable. men don't realize that sometimes they choose a comfortable position for them while it's most likely not comfortable for the girl. I usually take it and don't say anything until I get sick of it. what would you wanted her to do to let you know that she's not comfortable?

    • just say something or ask to change positions

    • that's what she did right? she said she's not comfortable. How many positions are there? not many

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