What Does a good relationship look like?

Honestly, none of my past relationships have ended well. I know i'm fairly young, but it seems like a lot of people my age are in successful relationships. These are examples of the couples i know who have been together a year and over. I want your opinions on what the best type of relationship or the healthiest relationship is like. Thanks so much!

  • A relationship where the boy is dragged around by his girlfriend, she gets ticked if he so much as glances at another girl but she flirts with multiple guys behind his back. She also never lets him see his friends, regardless of their gender.
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  • A relationship where the guy is constantly flirting with other girls, but swears that he loves his girlfriend and that the other girls are all "friends" even when caught kissing one of them.
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  • A relationship where all the "talking" is done over text and you see each other face to face maybe once a month for a date
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  • A relationship where there is no trust, but lots of physical attraction. Either boyfriend or girlfriend or both have cheated before but they stay together
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  • A relationship where there is nothing in common between the two of you, you're just together because you think the other is hot
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  • A relationship where you were best friends but you kissed, and now you just miss the friendship
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  • A Friends with Benefits relationship
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  • Uhh, these are all terrible options... How about the relationship where two people both care about and are attracted to each other, where both partners respect each other and really enjoy being together?

    I know no relationship is "perfect", but I think the options you have are all mediocre relationships AT BEST. Brutally honest,

    • well thanks. these all describe my friend's relationships and some of them make me glad that i'm single

    • Haha no problem. There sure are times when being single is best. My least favorite is the friend with benefits, that is about as clear as mud :) anyway, thanks for the up vote and good luck in getting a healthy relationship,

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