How are you supposed to choose between two girls?

Here's the situation. There's this girl whom I've crushed on for a whole year, whom I've developed a very playful friendship. I've gone back and forth between her liking me or friendzoning me and let's just say its been an emotional rollercoaster. I haven't felt like she is proactive online but in person I feel really happy and Im attracted to her style/everything. One day she just forgot out our study group and that hit me in the face with reality and I got really sad. I was planning on letting her know how I feel.

Then here comes a new girl who's know me for a while not close, who asked if I was OK and tried to comfort me on the day I was feeling really sad and we weren't even close. This girl is extremely nice and is very responsive in text/social media compliments and engages in sweet adorable conversation. This girl is mature yet still cute and has an elegant aura to her but less open in person for now. (She's so innocent) plus she's in all my outside activities. So we spend time together.

I'm so torn cause both of them are coming closer at the same time, someone help me?


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  • Oh my goodness, I wish I wasn't limited to type on my cell because this question was meant for me to answer! But really grasp your mind around... who makes you happy here? Truly. Your crush has made you stress and suffer. A wonderful man like you is not deserving of that because you are so loyal and dedicated and generous of your time. Something that she overlooks for only reasons she knows. The other girl has the type of atmosphere any guy would love to be in... it's refreshing a girl like her exists, no? That she loves your company just as much as you love hers. She lights up everything about you with her presence and company alone. Girls like that come in a few unfortunately.

    Take time to analyze the pros and cons of both women but I think, objectively, you know which one has the most pros.

    Feel free to message me if you would like more help.

    Blessings. :)

    • This nicer girl is pretty shy at school and isn't really "fun/playful" at school, guess I dont know her enough for her to talk to me more. Meanwhile my crush talks to me a lot if im there and chooses to sit next to me and we have fun talking and poking/just chilling with each other and she's very open with me and touchy. (maybe too open) Today she had to wait after school for an hour and she ran into me and asked what I was doing to maybe wait with me. Course I blew it cause I told her I was going to the library with friends instead of asking her to go starbucks or something lol. .-. fml. My pain and stress from her was just from me overthinking cause I just dont think my crush realizes what her actions are doing.

      Anyways I just find it peculiar that the more proactive girl online doesn't really try and to me in person (for now) while my crush who's slow online (now I think she does it to everyone) is quite proactive in person. I dunno thoughts?

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  • Dude go for the second one and the first one make friends and stay in touch but don't do anything that feels like you have a crush until you know if the senond girl is the one ok