He doesn't think it would work out if we dated?

i've been friends with benefits with a guy for almost a year now, and recently we've been getting really close emotionally. he wanted me to open up to him and he was opening up to me. so i decided to tell him that im starting to like him and it scares me. he was really happy to hear that i like him and he asked why i was scared, so i asked if he would ever date me seriously? his response was he doesn't think it would work out because im the emotional kind and he's the type thats not considerate and lack emotions, and he can see it causing a lot of problems. i think its best for us to end it since it seems like he's already made up his mind about our personalities, but he says he still wants to see me, and he sees me as more than a friend. do you think giving it time and just letting it progress will change anything?


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  • He wanted you to open up, you did and made yourself vulnerable to him, and then he put up his arm and told you to not come any closer. What do you think?


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  • The writing on my wall and all, and as being as wise an ol owl that I have always been here, dear, he is Not into a Full Commitment nor being Hooked at the hip and he obviously Does... Want his sweet cake and eat it two.
    With this, I am talking about that he wants you in his life without being a wife and having no strife. You have been comfy and cozy for 'Almost a year now,' and he doesn't want it to end with being Your... Friend.
    Of course, the Course could change in another year from now, but life is a gamble as we all know. Nothing is for sure but death and taxes, and with this friend, he does have a lot of feelings for you but is Not ready nor raring to Change or Rearrange at this time right now.
    Sure, you could leave with your heart on your sleeve tomorrow. However, my own crystal ball and all tells me you will end up just going back to the "Way we were" and give it a try with this guy, for Love, for I feel, will find its way Somehow... Someday, if it is meant to be.
    It's your choice, your call, what you decide to do. It could stay this way for a long while and perhaps move to the next level, and even then, there could be problems, maybe not.
    I see an amazing chemistry and a relationship that is Better than many even have as two birds of a feather. I also know with what you have nursed and nurtured as long as you have, you are right now in this nestled nest with him and nothing has gone south so far.
    If you are in a hurry to find a greener pasture, it might just be out there. However, if you are Not a gambler, That road might be the best way to go. And if your heart and head are swaying you to keep hanging in there, another direction could direct you in That path where one day you both might end up together as two birds of a feather who stick together.
    Good luck. xx


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  • friends with benefits rarely turns into a relationship. This case is no exception, sadly.


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