He wants to spend some days we see each other without sex to see our long term compatibility. Is is a sign he is not feeling anything?

Been dating exclusively and he has slacked off a bit and took me for granted.

I honestly wanted to cut my loss but he cried and said he is growing attached to me but he is not sure if this is love. He is also not sure if he is fearing of things not working out as everyone around him has failing relationships / marriage.

He he said he like to do proper dates like picking me up taking me to restaurant then drop me home. He just wants to see how we are without sex. He is not trying to roll back.

I can see he is putting effort. He said he is attached to me, very comfortable with me but he is not sure if it's love. Is it a sign this is my gonna work?


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  • Well you said he cried? you said he is putting effort? you said he is very comfortable with you? Hence I would say these are very good signs, here. However by words the signs are good, but does the action match up to his words or not?

    • He also said he wants to test and see if things work between you two without sex, that's also not a bad thinking so that indicates he is not there with you for having sex alone, that's a good sign and plus you said he cried? so why would he cry if he didn't care about you? It's a good sign as well.

    • Very true. I guess I was worrying men cry to manipulate from my own bad experience

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  • I like the Idea that First above Anything here, dear, you both are Exclusive. This is a baby step towards the Beginning to your Beguine in Being a couple and possibly Potential partners down the love line.
    He appears to have fears so this will Conflict with his feelings he has for you. If he didn't give a hill of beans about you, he would Not have cried like a baby and he would have sent you Crying on your own merry way.
    You both have this amazing chemistry and you seem to be off and running to a good start. By pressuring him or putting a carrot over his nose, isn't going to make him bite any faster, just make him curl his tail IN more.
    If you want to hang in there, go easy with Joe's flow. Life is a gamble, I tell many people on here that it is, and nothing in life is a guarantee but death and taxes.
    He has a lot of feelings for you and I believe it is "Love" but the thoughts of being hooked at the hip and not Being this Ready Nor Raring Hooked at the hip sort of guy right now, is scaring him into thinking he may lose you, and it is Not Allowing him to Relax and just let Mother Nature dictate his heart that he is feeling may fall apart.
    He is 'Putting effort.' He is 'Attached to me.' Although cozy and comfy in this scenario you Both have built right now, which is his Fondness foundation, he is Set in this way at the moment, and in time, if given some room for space, he could come Around... About Face.
    It's your call, your choice how long you want to hang in there. But you could leave tomorrow and find that love is not always greener on the other side of the female fence, and be back to him and have to start from scratch with an distrusting man. Good luck. xx

    • You are spot on about his fear. Also starting from scratch with distrustful man is a pain. I know I can trust him. Guess following his lead is the only way now

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    • Hehe and blood test to and say I'm a healthy boy please take care of me!!

    • LOL!!! Those are the worse... LOL
      No, seriously, take your time and see if time is on your side..:)) xxoo

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