Why do Indian/ Arab guys have to deal with a lot of racism nowadays ( From both Girls and Guys ) ?

Why is there racism plus girls are scared and avoid those guys?


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  • Some people think we all support al Qaeda and isis

    • Thanks sister :) Why do you think Arab/ Indian guys have a hard time dating or getting intimate with girls?

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    • I only like the alien race :P

    • wow !! You have unique taste in guys ;)

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  • It's because people assume that they are associated with terrorists. Indians, although the complete opposite of terrorism, look like Arabs.

    • Thanks , brother :) Why do you think girls seem intimidated or nervous to even like them or date or anything with them?

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    • I think eventually they will; it just takes time.

    • thanks for your hope bro :)) By the way you look really stylish !!

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