He used to like me but I didn't, then I started liking him. Please help?

Okay so four years ago, I was close friends with this guy named 'Alex' and we enjoyed talking with each other. I liked another guy that time. So one day, my best friend and my 'crush' teased me liking Alex, in front of both of us, and I was like: No I don't? (In my mind I was like: The one I like is you, you dummy) Well, that was when I crush on that guy. And... I got over him , because he is such a jerk. Then one day, my best friend told me that Alex really does like me and I was very flustered. So I stop talking to Alex as I'm super shy and conscious about him. We were so close at first... and 3 years had passed... and I found out that I actually like him. And guess what? We don't speak to each other anymore, for the past 3 whole years! I find it hard to move on... I'm pretty loyal to my feelings, which is terribly stupid, I know. Should I move on like what I did with my previous crush or should I confess before we graduate, because we're graduating in about a month.


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  • So in other words you chased the alpha male who you found out was a jerk. You then went no contact on Alex rather than confronting him about his feelings and letting him down gently.

    You now want the guy you initially perceived as beta/less good than Tommy (other guy) to like you. Well I'm afraid you've just got to cut contact and move on. Alex has too and probably found a girl who appreciates him. Learn from this, the next time you find out a guy likes you.

    Don't go no contact, confront him about his feelings and don't be cowardly.

    • Is there some ways that you'd advice to moving on? I tried for 2years +

    • Find another guy you like. Try to avoid seeing Alex. Remove his contact. He doesn't want to talk to you so it's obvious no point keeping it.+If he ever does then he has your contact.

      Do hobbies/activities that take up your time. Set small goals for yourself each day on what kind of person you'd like to see yourself as in future and fulfill them.

    • Thanks!!

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