I have strong feelings for a lady who is 2000miles away. Need Advice?

I am an engineer in DC and last summer i met an amazing lady who was visiting for the weeked. We met on a Thursday and pretty much spent all our available time together. She returned to Oregan and i just assumed i would forget about her.
I didn't but also did not contact her till 2 months after when she texted me out of the blue. We have been talking ever since.
We would be spending the Christmas holiday togther but i am scared we might hate each other so i shouldn't invest much into it or we could be just one of those movie plots in real life.

Has anyone experienced this or tried a VERY long distance thing.


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  • Yes, and it sucks


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  • Everyone is different, I know several long distance relationships that worked out and I know others that didn't (I was crazy over a girl who was long distance and I wanted nothing more than for it to work out, but it didn't). If you think she's worth the effort then go for it, just know it's extremely difficult, frustrating, and a huge uphill battle.