The guy was rude and ended up rejecting me?

My perents tried to find me a guy to get married with, but what happend was that he didn't even say hi or even look at me and ignored me the whole time and then left and called the Next day his mom telling us they werent intrested.

i honestly dont know what his problem was,... but i feel Hurt and insulted as a girl and feel ugly... iv faced rejection before but This guy made me feel really Bad...


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  • Don't feel bad. He was obviously too much of a jerk for you. Could you imagine being married to someone who wouldn't even acknowledge you?


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  • ... One of the drawbacks of a possible arranged marriage.

    • Yes this was a arranged thing.. correct.

    • ... i know, I've been surrounded with people who the same thing. As I mentioned the only problem with an arranged marriage is that, if the other person isn't attracted to you no matter how much the parents encourage it... it won't work. I think you're being too harsh on yourself, if the guy was this rude to you then take it as a good thing because that way you get to brush off people who aren't worth your affection. Like another user mentioned, you don't want to get married with someone who won't acknowledge your presence and especially not if they don't appreciate it.

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