How do you act when you have a crush?

I like a guy, but I don't know if I like him enough because I always see guys that I think that are more attractive and stuff, is that normal?
how are your experiences with your crushes?


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  • Well, when I have crush I'm loyal to them how weird that may be. I try to look at other guys to get over my crush... but it never works. I always end up thinking about them when I see other guys. So general: I think about them on a daily basis, my heart beats fast when I'm close to him. Stuff like that, all the clich├ęs :P

    But it doesn't mean you don't like him enough if you think other guys are more attractive. Like they can be more physically attractive while the guy you like is less attractive but his personality is 10 times better than that other guy. Stuff like that... it's normal to look at other guys and consider them attractive. Esp. since you're not dating anyone so you're free to look and chase after whichever guy you like.

    Good luck!