No message is a message but what happened?

We started talking online since June. We got to be good friends. Talked about meeting a few times but things got in the way. Over the last few weeks we have gotten closer. He commented on my facebook. He liked lots of my pictures. We changed our profile pics for eachother. He told me he liked me. I told him I liked him. He even took my tests on facebook. We were going to meet a week ago his idea but he was having financial issues and begged me not to be mad about meeting him. He even wanted to kick this guys butt for giving me a hard time. He had a family funeral last weekend and one this weekend of family members he wasn't close too. He wanted to meet this weekend. His idea. We were going to spend Saturday and Saturday night together. He only messaged me once this week which was Tuesday. He was still excited about the weekend. He confirmed 3 times about coming. His back was hurting and he missed three days of work though. I noticed Friday 20 of my friends were missing from my facebook. They said they didn't unfriend me. Facebook was glitch inch. Happened to another friend of mine. He was one of them. I messaged him to tell him and talk to him. He ignored three messages. I drunk texted in the we hours of Sunday morning 3 times. He ignored me. I then texted the following day to say I was sorry about the drunk text. I asked what happened and if I did something wrong that I didn't understand. I told him if he wanted nothing to do with me just tell me and I would just go but we had been friends for so long I thought I deserved to know. I texted like 4 or 5 times. I told him that was the last time I was messaging and it is. I told him I miss him and I really liked him and wanted to meet him but I respect his choice. Then I told him I was sorry for the text messages I just cared and good bye.

What happened? I don't understand. I no that no message is a message but this seems like it happened out if no where. It was his idea to meet.


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  • He just isn't interested. It happens

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