Girls, Why do you tend to hate or avoid Indian/ Arab guys?

Do you feel threatened and anxious?


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  • Me personally, I've just never seen one i thought was very attractive other than on tv and movies.
    And maybe it's just the Area I live in (big science/tech area) but most, if not all, are straight assholes! They constantly give off the impression that they think they're better than everyone else! When walking down the sidewalk, they never move out of the way, never say sorry or excuse me. They're just rude!
    And all the men, for some reason, wear clothes that are way too tight and they all use way too much cologne, smells like they poured the whole bottle on themselves!

    Answer your question? Lol

    • Thanks :) Your opinion at least makes sense for sure !

      I disagree slightly on one point you made... Indian /Arab guys who are good-looking are hardly viewed on tv and movies.

      It's usually white guys and sometimes latino and black guys who are shown as very attractive in media.

      By the way , which race of guys are you attracted to?

    • I agree with whites and some Latinos and blacks are portrayed as more attractive, but I'm saying, whenever i see an Arab or Indian and think "hey, he's attractive" its only ever on tv or movies, never in real life. But they still are hardly ever put into that light.

      And well, I've dated a white guy and a Hispanic guy, but he was really light skinned. But i suppose for me itis usually white or Hispanic.
      II've never met a black guy i was into (attractive, sure but didn't like them) and I've only thought two Asian guys were extremely hot, but they were both mixed. One was Vietnamese and white, the other was Japanese and Mexican.

      So conclusion, i like white and hispanic i guys i guess lol

    • That's cool :)

      Is there any particular Arab/Indian celeb on T. V that you found attractive?

      Also why did you find the Black guy attractive but didn't like them?

      Sorry to troubleshoot you with questions. Please answer only those 2 questions. Thanks ;)

  • No, it's never about a guy's race but yes, stereotypes might influence a person's behaviour unconsciously.
    With me, I think it's all about how you present yourself and what you come across as during the first meeting. I mean, if you portray yourself as a person who doesn't think that women are equal or if I can clearly see that we have two different mindsets, then I wouldn't care if you were Indian/Arab/White, I would tell you and maybe avoid you (depends on the situation).
    So, yeah, unless a person is racist or has familial obligations, they are not gonna hate or avoid Arab/Indian guys. Though, if they do avoid you because of your race, there is no point in even giving them the time of the day.

    • Thanks :) Which race of guys are you attracted to?

    • I really don't have a particular race.
      Though, I tend to prefer lighter-skinned. I mean I do find darker-skinned people attractive as well but I have only ever dated light-skinned people. And by light-skinned I don't mean white people because many Indians are light-skinned as well.

    • cool :)