How long should I wait for a relatively shy guy to ask me out or make a move?

There is a guy who I met through our mutual friends. I knew that he liked me so we started messaging a month ago. He is very sweet and protective but never seems to want to make the next move. He is now in my group of friends so I meet up with him in a group of friends, but I don't like this. We do drink quite a bit as well which I have started to find irritating. Also when we go to parties, people think we are a couple yet we haven't been on one date. Should I give up cause I'm starting to doubt my own feelings. I have tried to ask him out but he is busy a lot! I am pretty inexperienced and so is he, and I don't want to pressure him but I'm confused what to think now.


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  • Wait, you tried to ask him out, he used an excuse or denied? Then we can assume he is not interested or he's too afraid of making the next move. Either way, situation is complicated.


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  • If you've already asked him out and he declined and not trying to make the move himself now, I'd put my energies someplace else. I mean, keep your options open.