Guys, when you just begin talking to a girl, do you message her everyday or do you play it more cool?

Kinda picky here... But, I just started talking to a guy.. We haven't had our first date yet but it's planned. We only met on Friday. He messaged me Friday, we chit chatted off and on through Saturday, but then he never responded to my last message yesterday morning... I didn't ask a question but I still was commenting on something he said... He opened it but never responded...

He he hasn't messaged me since then... Does it mean anything, or I'm not in his thoughts?


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  • He is trying to pace himself and play it cool. Constant texting would be too much for me and a red flag of someone needy /clingy.

  • You are probably overthinking it.

    I'm sure he's excited about your date, he probably just doesn't realize how much attention girls need :P

    Remember, women are the more socially-driven creatures. As a result, they often start analyzing things from a social perspective. Guys don't think the same way, they don't realize everything they do can be seen as a form of communication. To him, you just haven't talked in a day, to you, it was a statement about his interest in you.

    Guys are simple creatures, you will have to teach us how our behaviour can influence you, because we will be completely oblivious for the most part.

    • Does it make a difference that it's "getting coffee" versus calling it a date?

    • Thanks for your answe above. That makes sense... And I do tend to look into things too much. Thanks!