What does it mean to 'chase a guy'?

My mother always tells me find a guy and 'chase him'.

What does that mean?

How do you chase a guy?

Does a guy want to be chase?

What makes it not annoying or too much?


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  • Chasing is trying to get a guys attention or repeatedly trying to get him to date


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  • That's a first, I've always been told to play hard to get it helps to find out about a guy's character. I will say, on occasion, I have not necessarily "chased" but let a guy or two know I was interested (in the event he was shy or clueless)

    • i used to play hard to get but that didn't really get me any where

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  • It means you put more effort into pursuing him than he does into pursuing you.

    • How do you put more effort

    • Like you'll initiate conversations more often or make time to try to hang out with him

    • but how many times can you initiate a convo? i tried twice .. should i wait a bit?

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