Ex is being friendly again? Please help a rather confused woman...😊?

Maybe that doesn't sound like much but we split up in March and he was so angry. He didn't want to talk to me and resented me so much at the time. So I deleted and blocked him off Facebook.

There was no way I ever ran into him apart from when I was in the superstore to do my shopping (that's where he works as a manager).

At the beginning of the break up, we wouldn't even look at each other or say hi. Recently he was trying to get my attention again and make eye contact with me... and I thought perhaps he was just trying to be civil.

But over the past two weeks, he's been making jokes with me when I've been in the shop. Tonight he even came over and asked how I was and started laughing and joking with me again. He was smiling a lot at me too. It's almost like the way he used to be when we were together. Even my younger sister says she can see he's trying his best to be kind and nice to me.

I want to talk to him again, and unblock him on Facebook, but I can't tell if he's just being civil with me or if he's genuinely trying to make an effort with me again :S what do you think?

If someone could answer that would be wonderful :)


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  • Maybe he's ready to be friends again