I have a girl who I think likes me but not sure what's going on? What should I do?

There is this girl, I think likes me in college. Shows all the classic hints and signs. We text or talk at school often and we have an awful lot in common and share the same interest. So one day about a few weeks ago, I texted her and asked her what her schedule looked like for a certain date (the up coming weekend which hasn't come yet) and wondered if she would be free because I had a surprise for her. Its a trip to a favorite place she likes. But I didn't want to tell her because its a surprise. She said she would check your schedule and get back to me and she included a smiley ":)" with it. Well, she still hasn't gotten back to me. We still text just like always, and we see each other at school regularly and get along great and still talk forever... but I have not brought up the weekend because I am waiting for her response. Whats going on? What should I do? bring it up or just forget about it?


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  • I think maybe you could first hang out with her outside college a couple of times, and once you see she feels comfortable casually hanging out with you, you can plan the surprise again.


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