Getting girls is all about confidence?

I've realised that getting girls is all about confidence. Think you're attractive and something worth it and girls will see that too.

Chip up and if she doesn't want you then the next one you go for will. Basically, if you're sure enough of yourself, you really won't care if one girl doesn't want you. There are loads of girls out there fellas, it's about trying and getting back up when you get knocked back - which won't be often if you have good things going for you (not talking only physical features but also your personality as a man).

Just offering my tips.


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  • ur very right, and i would like to add that i believe confidence is a process. i dont think it's something that remains constant. people who have confidence have worked to get it. i dont think anyone is born with an air of confidence, even if it appears that way. confidence, like exercise, is a habit that eventually can become a natural part of one personality, and when it is controlled, it's definitely a lovely trait to have.

    as for myself, i know that i will fall for a guy who is working on his confidence, even if it isn't the highest. a balance is good. not too low or too high is what i like best =]


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  • Lol that's what every girl says but people don't listen to them and continue to think that it is all about looks. So thumbs up for your fast realization